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Nuns & Bricks & High Strangeness in the PNW- Part II

                  As promised, more photo's from Saturday Sept, 26, 2020 in                                                               Vancouver, Wa!                                                      (Photo courtesy of Sara Schick)  Photo's here, are from The Providence Academy (former orphanage & school). I will be sharing photo's of the Laundry and Stack in my next post. Please visit   Sara's   blog for further information on the status of the Laundry buildings per October 2020, (it's not good).                                                    On with the day.  We met Janet in the back parking lot of the Academy (hi Janet!) and the first photo I took, was of a long narrow walkway along the back of the building. It's hard not to imagine bustling nuns in habits here, walking briskly back and forth.                                                My immediate feeling of the building was of structure and no-nonsense                 busyness.    The narr

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